Fitness Gifts

There are many iPhone apps for runners. If you look on the app store you will see thousands of apps that could work for you. I recommend Googling them first to see user reviews. Many don’t do it all but there are a few that do. Most cost a few bucks but honestly well worth it. I use runkeeper pro it cost ten bucks but does it all. It keeps track of distance ran so far via gps, keeps track of calories burned, and it also it keeps track of my current speed.

I love the fact that it syncs up with their web site to give me access to my progress on my computer and a log of all my runs. There are other apps that do some of these things but not all that the same time.  I have not found one yet but if you look you may find one out there for less. There are other companies throwing their money into the iPod phenomenon, such as Nike. They have built special shoes and app for the iPhone or I pods. They actually put a sensor in your shoe and keep track of every step no matter if you are running or just walking keeping a step count. I personally do not like the expense it requires special shoes adapter for iPod or I phone and you can get bands that keep track of your pulse.

Let’s not forget the competition in android which does not have Nike backing it. Their app store has apps that cost me ten dollars on my iPhone that I can get for free with android market. Then again it’s all up to the kind of phone you like and the kind of tools you need your app to do for you. Whichever the case, it’s cheaper and a great alternative to expensive running watches that do the same as these apps.  If youre looking for a gift for a runner, then Id go for the running watch, because its nice to wrap up a gift for a birthday present for a runner, or a Christmas present for a runner.

Have you tried one of the iPhone apps for runners, such as runkeeper pro?  Why not leave a comment and let us know what you think, and give a review of a running app for iPhone.  Thanks!