Eat Quinoi For Health

I checked out the Beyond Diet website, lured in by the 5 Foods to Never Eat slogan, and the banana.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised, and thought they had a very nice and high quality video to watch.  I didnt see anything about not eating bananas as one of the 5 foods to never eat though!  Im wondering if any members of the Beyond Diet site could leave a comment and let us know how the banana comes into play?  The Beyond Diet website had all the components I like in a members site, healthy advise for good food intake, and member interaction and support.  I would give the Beyond Diet a favorable review, please leave a comment and share your experiences with the Beyond Diet member site.

Are there Five Foods to Never Eat on the Beyond Diet?

While I dont think there is a truly finite list of 5 foods to never eat, the Beyond Diet membership site video focused on a sound weight loss (and health) principle eating foods with a low glycemic index.  What this means is to keep a steady healthy blood sugar level.  This has many health benefits, such as keeping a stable energy level, and hopefully avoiding diabetes. So youre probably wondering  The Beyond Diet 5 Foods to Never Eat Are???

So What are These 5 Foods to Never Eat?

Dont eat phony foods!  Dont eat phony pretend butter.  Avoid the hydrogenated oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, margarine.

Dont eat high fructose corn syrup.  Sugar is your enemy!

Dont eat complex recipes with ingredients that you cant pronounce.  Stay away from those processed soy products.

Dont use diet food.  Avoid garbage food, processed foods.  Dont eat packaged snacks.

Dont eat phony sugars!

Whats a List of Good Foods to Eat?

So how do you build your good food list?  The Beyond Diet video had excellent advise that I have heard from my endocrinologist for years.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  And in addition to this, (and something my endocrinologist did NOT say, eat butter, not marjarine.)  Stick with single ingredients steak, chicken, butter, (yes, butter!) fruits, vegetables and high protein grains such as quinoi.  The idea behind the 5 foods to never eat diet is to eat simple, healthful foods, avoid high sugar and artificial foods, and eat in moderation.  If you follow this simple diet, youll have even energy levels and gradually lose weight.  Keep this in mind, per the Beyond Diet video when you elevate your blood sugar, either by real sugar, fake sugar, or carbs that turn into sugar, you start a chemical reaction in your body that triggers your body to store fat.  It isnt just an excess of calories, which of course stores fat, but its that SWING in your blood sugar levels that stores the fat So, moderation will help you to avoid storing fat.  All in all Id give the Beyond Diet website a favorable review.  What do you think about Beyond Diet?  Please leave a comment and share your experiences!  I think their guarantee of a full refund for 60 days gives you adequate time to review all their tools, and the 14 days of supercharged meal plans, and decide for yourself if you like it.  Its not a crash diet, its not a super low calorie plan, its a way to eat to maintain for a lifetime.  You can also benefit if youre a vegetarian, or vegan, or if youre going through menopause or have diabetes or fibromyalgia.

Beyond Diet Recipes these would be low glycemic index foods.  Heres where beyond diet recipes will be similar to Weight Watchers recipes more vegetables and grains than starches.  More good olive oil and butter and less sugar and sugar type products.  You want to maintain a level blood sugar level.  The ups and downs of blood sugar levels trigger chemical reactions in your pancreas, ultimately causing fat storage.5 Best Foods to Eat for Weight Loss

Quinoi is the secret food for weight loss!  Its a grain that is very high in protein.  You can cook it in your rice cooker, using either water or broth, and use it like you would use rice.  Because quinoi is high in protein, its going to give you a stable reaction with your blood sugar, which is one of the ideal equations for weight loss that the Beyond Diet Recipes call for.

Sprouted Grain Bread, Raw Nuts

Sweet Potatoes with butter and cinnamon

Steak, Fish, Chickens, Eggs

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Butter

If youre wondering about a source for the healthful foods called for in the Beyond Diet, Ive found the Sunfood site a good all-around mail order health food and supplement source.

So all in all, Id say in this review of the Beyond Diet Website and Beyond Diet Video is that its a simple, healthful way of eating, with lots of support from a community of like minded individuals.  Id say Id totally recommend watching the Beyond Diet Video with personable Isobel narrating, and if it moves you, try the program and join the community!