Cellulite Massage Is Easy To Do, Pleasant and Relatively Cheap

There have been literally hundreds of treatments and their variations developed to stop cellulite. With it being such a difficult problem to treat, most of these treatments are ineffective or only produce minor improvements. One method that consistently gets positive praise from experts and customers alike is anti cellulite massage.

Compared to invasive treatments like plastic surgery and mesotherapy, massage is easy to do, pleasant and relatively cheap. There are virtually no side effects apart from some possible bruising or soreness which tends to go away after a few days. It is a cellulite treatment which can be conducted anywhere, including in the comfort of your own home.

This cellulite treatment works by massaging the cellulite problem spots. This causes an increase in blood circulation which releases the toxins that have been hiding inside the fat cells. It lifts and redistributes the skin for a smoother looking appearance. Finally, it helps the connective tissues of the skin to loosen up and assists the body to breakdown and liquefy the fat cells for cellulite removal.

The most well known way to have cellulite massage conducted is being using Endermologie. This is a machine that is used by beauticians which consists of suction and roller massagers that combine to lift and separate the skin. Originally a French treatment, it has now spread right across the world and is the number one method of cellulite massage.

If you don’t want to go to a beautician or are looking for a less expensive option then there is always home cellulite massage. The best way to do this is to use both a cellulite massager and a cellulite cream together. A massager can be bought through the internet for about $50. A lotion can be purchased for about $20 for a month’s supply. The cream helps to breakdown and release the fat cells and toxins while the massager helps push these elements from the body.