10 Steps To Weight Loss

Here you go – 10 steps to easy weight loss. I know, you’ve heard that before, but this is for real.

Anyone that is overweight knows how it feels to fret and worry about a special event that is coming up. Why? Because of how you look. Yet again you stress about showing up in clothes that you really don’t like and looking less than your best. Although others don’t see you the way you see yourself the point is, you feel uncomfortable. The truth is, even shopping for clothes can be an unpleasant experience.

But you can change that. And these 10 ways will help you shed pounds quickly.

1)   Start by noting your average daily caloric intake.  You should keep a food journal for at least the first few days before you actually begin any fat loss plan.  This journal will be an important tool in your fat loss arsenal. You will be referring back to often.

2)   After you have tracked your food intake for a few days review your food journal to determine what high-fat and high-calorie foods you eat on a regular basis. Those are the foods you should give up or at least minimize the consumption of.

3)   Find substitutes for the foods you will be limiting. And try to find substitutes that are foods that make you happy. If you are too restrictive on yourself you are not be likely to stick with your plan at all.

4)   Plan your meals ahead of time.  If you wait until it is time to eat or until you’re hungry to decide what you will eat it is much more likely that you will grab something quick and easy, which is usually less healthy and higher in calories and fat content.

5)   Portions sizes should be appropriate.

6)   Eat healthy snacks between meals.

7)   Add fiber to your diet.

8)   Just like you have always heard – you should drink lots of water.  Water benefits the body in many ways – it is especially beneficial to anyone trying to lose weight.

9)   Exercise. Even if it’s only for a few minutes here and there. Find the time to fit it in. If you can’t stop to exercise then incorporate it into your daily life somehow.

10)    Have a free day that you give yourself to eat your favorite foods, etc. But don’t go crazy with this day. Then get back to your routine.

Forget the scales and instead measure your success by the way a favorite pair of jeans fit. Then after maybe a couple of months you can weigh yourself.